Obama’s Dreams are America’s Nightmare

Obama seems not only bent on destroying US interests abroad, but is also insidiously trying to destroy all US institutions domestically. For example, there is a push to allow illegal immigrants to join the US military and, according to at least one report, US citizens are being denied in order to make room for them. Obama is using the “Dreamers” to form a “Dream Army”. Why would he do this? Well, the US military has historically and traditionally been staunchly Republican in its voting tendencies. The Dreamers will vote Democrat, as will their children; this is a tactical move to influence a voting block, reminiscent of other actions such as the attempt to turn Texas into a blue state. Democrat Leftists simply cannot stand it when somebody thinks differently than them – ironic, since they claim to promote diversity.

Carry this thought further: who do you think will be the ones the government will use to control the citizens during a nationwide crisis (like Ebola, if we don’t quickly get a handle on that)? Martial law could be declared, and the military of course used to enforce it. Organizations such as the Oathkeepers have pledged not to follow such orders, but they are generally populated by people who consider themselves “Americans”, and they feel their duty is to the Constitution and American citizens. Do you think the “Dream Army” will have the same fidelity, or might they view US citizens as their opposition?

Look up “FEMA detention centers”, ostensibly to be used to keep people in a single, “safe” location during times of unrest. A lot of the commentary on them is pretty alarmist (at least I pray it is), but as is often the case, there is always an element of truth. And I have one question about the construction of these sites: why, at the top of the chain link fence surrounding the compound, is the barbed wire angled inwards? If you’re trying to keep people safe, shouldn’t it be angled outwards to keep potential dangers from gaining access over the top of the fence? It seems to me that if it is angled inwards, then its purpose it to keep the people that are inside from getting out, not to keep people on the outside from getting in.